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D&C Oliver

Derrick & Crystal Oliver

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I would never forget it. As a young twenty-something couple, my wife and I were passionate about the topic of personal finance. 

We wanted out of this whole idea of living from paycheck to paycheck. This was normal for many Americans. But, we did not want normal! We wanted FREEDOM, FINANCIAL FREEDOM that is, to past down to the next generation!


Although we had very minimal formal education in the area of personal finance, we refused to settle with having limited financial knowledge. A big hurdle was crossed when we read one particular personal finance book called Financial Peace, by Dave Ramsey. Some of the tips and tools presented in the book blew our minds!


When we tied the knot, we made a conscious effort to create a monthly budget, a short-term and long-term saving plan, and a vision to eliminate debt. Being on the same wavelength with this decision was important in helping us to bear the sacrifices that were necessary to be made so that we could reach our financial goals.


Consistently following our plan over a twenty-four month period, we started paying down from the smallest to the largest debt.  After paying off our last student-loan debt, we literally could not believe it. We were soooo happy and filled with excitement. We knew that the path of a bright financial future was set, not only for us but for future generations!!


The local news station interviewed us about the debt-elimination process; our story eventually made the local paper. When our friends, family, co-workers, and church members heard our story, they congratulated and celebrated the grind that we put forth.  Because of our hearts to see people win in the area of finances, we began to coach others in this area. This is how our BUDGETMEBLACK journey began!

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