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BudgetMeBlack Course

This course is six weeks and includes group sessions via Zoom.  


Course Topics Include:

Money Story

Budgeting Basics

Debt Busters

Save Like a Boss

Credit Analysis and Restoration

Protect Your Legacy

Week One

Win with Money: Overcome your fears by facing your story and re-training your mind. 

Knowing your money story is vital in transforming the way you handle your finances. It allows you to trace and explore the “why" behind your money management habits. This is powerful because knowing your money story will help you to identify unhealthy money-management practices and develop a new mindset around financial stewardship. In this module, we will show you how to address your fears and replace those fears with facts so you can began to set short and long-term financial goals.

Week Two

Instruct Your Money on What to Do: Master the Budgeting Technique that best fits your family

Let's move beyond INFORMATION.... Now that you have a new understanding of your financial history, habits, and hurdles, along with a renewed mindset, you will utilize IMPLEMENTATION so you can be in control of your finances and tell your money what to do so that you can experience financial peace.

Week Three

Nip that Debt in the Bud: Learning how to quickly pay off debts using the debt snowball

Are you tired of being entangled in debt? Uncontrolled debt can crush your financial goals and dreams and keep you financially stagnant for years. It is time to put debt in its place once and for all. You are building a financial legacy to uplift the next generation. In this module, you will be given tools and a game plan on how to strategically eliminate debt and live more financially secure. 

Week Four

Never Borrow Again: Saving so that you can meet financial challenges head on

It is said what can happen will happen. Therefore, establishing a savings plan for unexpected emergencies and expenses is vital for becoming more financially secure. In this module, you will learn the importance of a savings plan. You will learn the tricks and the trades on how to stretch your money in creative ways and be prepared financially for the unexpected.

Week Five

Examine Your Credit: Knowing Your Score and How it works is half the battle

Your credit rating represents your financial reputation amongst potential creditors. Understanding or not understanding your credit makes the difference between your ability to access and obtain big- ticket items in today’s lending space. Get the rules for developing a strong credit score and solid debt-to-income ratio so you can receive offers for the best interest rates and began to build wealth through acquiring assets.

Week Six

Reach Your Full Financial Potential: Protect your legacy by these techniques

Everyone will leave a financial legacy. It is a matter of what kind will be left to the next generation. One can leave a financial legacy that is burdensome or one that is a blessing to their family tree. In this module, you will learn strategic ways to not only build a financial legacy but to protect it for generations to come.