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Financial Coaching to Help You Get out of the Red and Into The Black



We are a family of five who lives an abundantly amazing life, BUT on a budget.  When we first began our journey 15 years ago, we were uninformed about how money worked in the world yet, we knew that we wanted to create financial freedom and autonomy for ourselves. We were given an extraordinary vision to flourish, thrive, and win in the area of personal finances.


It is our endeavor to share what we have learned over the years to equip individuals who also desire to win in the area of personal finance, create generational wealth, leave a financial legacy and live generous lives.


We love taking the time to walk with our clients and train them on how to manage their budgets and save money for a rainy day.



We work with individuals, couples, and families on creating a spending plan that will carry them through the ups and downs of their financial lives.  We listen to your concerns and help you address money challenges.  We'll show you how to adjust your spending to adapt to changes in real-life situations. 


We guide you through a seven-step process:

  1. Get on spending plan immediately;

  2. Automate your money processes;

  3. Save for short-term emergencies ($500-$1000);

  4. Obtain Insurance and start investing a small percentage of income (5%-10%);

  5. Building Positive credit and begin the debt-reduction process (smallest to largest);

  6. Be Generous and build a Legacy;

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.



Jada K.

Hands down, BudgetMeBlack has been my family’s saving grace! Especially during this pandemic! Crystal has been nothing short of amazing! She has been very supportive, and she is extremely knowledgeable! We were able to save at least $7,000 within 3 months time. Who does that during a crisis??!! They are black-owned and faith-based, whom I highly recommend!!!!

Tracey C.

Derrick and Crystal were mentors to me, they taught me about financial literacy and helped me get out of debt.  Through their teaching and direction, I was able to pay off 10K in debt in less than a year.  Plus, the tools I learned from them about money management will last a lifetime!

Amidah W.

My entire life I have been running afraid of bills.  I literally panicked every time I got paid, because I always felt I did not have enough to pay all of my bills. After meeting with BudgetMeBlack, I learned how to budget every penny, shop with coupons, and save at least $1000 in by bank for emergencies.  So much stress has been lifted off of me.    I have been blessed by your powerful testimony which has changed my life. 

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